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The classic method to add a video to a real estate advertisement is to get someone with a camera (professional or not) and shoot around the property, put the video together, and publish the video, like the one on the the left. Potential buyers can see an awesome property, but is the video presenting them with the benefits they can enjoy in there and with the features that will make their stay more pleasurable? See it for yourself! 
And the video can also be quite dear, priced around the AU$500 mark. 

Another method is to put together the script in the advertisement with the photos taken to present the property, like in the video on the right.
This way, the explanations and the images are presented together, the message is transmitted the way it is intended, with no interpretations and/or assumptions. 
Another benefit is that visually impaired people still can get the presentation by listening to the audio description, while hearing impaired persons can read it on the screen while watching the video.

And one last benefit for using this method: because of the content of these videos (voice and text), YouTube and Google rank the advertisements that present the videos higher than the ads without a video, and they receive as much as 400% more Internet traffic than the regular advertisements. What that means? It means that the ads with videos have 5 chances to sell, compared to only one chance for those without videos.  

This second method is so easy to use that I put together a free video training, explaining how one can do it, with no previous video editing experience necessary.
In case you don't have the time for the training, or if video editing is not your thing, please give us a call or flick us an email and we'll take care of your needs.
Real estate video advertising portfolio can be found here.


Single real estate advertising video 

AU$249 each

2-5 real estate advertising videos

AU$224 each

6+ real estate advertising videos

AU$199 each

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