About us

Hi there, I'm Gabriel...

And I am so happy you are here. I can see an opportunity to help you.

Most of what I know about information technology, I have learned it the "hands on" way. Of course, the Computer Programmer Certificate and the Diploma in eBusiness Support have helped to open my eyes to the digital world, but, no matter of industry, is common knowledge that "a gram of practice outweighs a ton of theory", isn't it?

So, here I am, developing databases on a version of dBase platform called FoxPro, Microsoft Access and OpenOffice Base, repairing my and friends' computers and devices, putting together business and real estate video presentations, creating, implementing and managing accounting systems, shooting photos and videos, designing and maintaining websites (including this one), creating artwork for business cards, flyers, logos for graphic design and desktop publishing.

So, how I may help you with? Please give me a ring or flick me an email! Looking forward to a happier you!

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